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 Tammy S. Durden

More About Me...

I am so glad that you stopped by today.  I do not believe in accidents, I believe there is a reason you are here! Let me tell you a little about myself, my passions, and why I could be the right Coach to help you.



I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and busy business owner. 


I LOVE Owning My Own Business and Helping Other Business Owners & Those Who Want to Be Business Owners 

I have owned a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency that began as Lead Generation & Virtual Assistant Services for 11 years now. I have also been living joyfully, in spite of Multiple Sclerosis, for over 16 years & Lupus + other disabilities followed shortly afterward.


You see, I began my business AFTER my disability began. I know this seems like the opposite of what I should do while living with a chronic health condition, but for me creating a business was all about:

  1. A Business that God laid out before me

  2. Additional household income

  3. The ability to work from home

  4. The Ability to continue to home-school my 3 children = flexibility

  5. The Ability to help other business owners and empower disabled professionals and mothers of disabled children. 

"Business ownership is a journey~ Not a Sprint"-T.Durden






My company started with -ZERO- capital and built to where we are today with my running a Team who assist me. Most importantly, as I eluded to above, part of our mission is to 'Empower Disabled Professionals and Mother's of Disabled Children to Work from Home'. 







      Now that I have shared some of my Personal Life and how my business began, I want to

      also share with you more about my experience related to Business, Mindset & Spiritual

      Business Coaching:

I have assisted many businesses as a...

- COACH - I love helping Women and helping You to Reach Your Potential.  I have Coach Many Women over the Years to truly go for their dreams and Believe What is in their Heart.

I Coach Women Who...

  • Want to Start Your Business

  • Want to Scale Your Business by Outsourcing

  • Are 'Stuck' & Ready to Move Forward

- MENTOR - For reasons unknown to me, new business owners always seem to find me and want my help in Mentoring them.  I always felt the need to give back and to help others, not to mention that I wish I had a mentor when I first began.  I usually mentored 1 -2 women per year, because of the time involved.  

In the last few years, I was been blessed & honored to be asked to join the FreeU Team as a Mentor for this top industry-leading e-learning platform for Freelancers called FreelanceU

I Truly Desire to Help You

Build the Business of Your Dreams!


2019 S.C.O.R.E. Webinar Presenter:  "Scaling Your Business by Outsourcing"

2017, 2018 & 2019 OIVAC - Online International Virtual Assistant Conference 

2018 IVAA - International Virtual Assistant Association's Online Conference

2017 - VAVs - Virtuoso Virtual Assistant online conference

2017 - S.C.O.R.E. Webinar Presenter:  "VA's Not Just Admins Any More"


My most recent larger projects are a Branding ebook & am finishing up a new Social Media Workbook to be used by Entrepreneurs and their Teams.

I have written much over the years.  Including books, ebooks, articles, blogs & guest blogs on topics such as these (and More):

  • Starting a Business

  • How to Use Social Media for Your Business

  • Branding ​and Brand Awareness (See eBook I wrote: "Practical

               Branding for Your Small Business"

  • Networking 

  • Attracting Clients

  • Finding Your Niche 

  • How to Get Started

  • How I Started My Multi-VA Company

  • How to Move Forward from Here

  • Website Analysis

  • Spiritual Devotional

  • Prayer Journal

  • and more...


 I truly have a passion for helping women find their voice and their place, then 

        going on to succeed in life & Business. 



        I have been in ministry alongside my husband for over 25 years.  During this 

       time, I have had the pleasure of counseling many:

  • Women

  • Teens

  • Families

I have also had the pleasure, alongside my husband to counsel:

  • Pre-marital Couples

  • Married Couples

I have additional Experience with Spiritual Counseling & Mindset, as well as, Experience in Teaching many regarding these topics:

  • How to Move Forward with God's Help

  • Recovering & Healing from our Past

  • Conquering Unforgiveness

  • Knowing and Doing the Will of God

  • General Help through Difficulties

  • Spiritual Clarity for Decisions You are Facing

  • Financial Counsel

Courses taught:

  • Experiencing God

  • Multiple Beth Moore Studies

  • Living as Christ

  • Walking Devotional (co-wrote and taught this devotional-exercise book)

  • Prayer Journal (co-wrote and taught how to use)

  • Sports Camps (written and taught camps)

  • Teen Studies

  • Dave Ramsey Financial Study

  • many more -I truly cannot remember all the titles

You, Will, Become Fearless...

Fearless Boss Babes

Coaching Women = Guiding Women to Their Own Breakthroughs & Revelations to Pursue their Goals & Dreams = My Passion

Whether in business or life - I believe women can 'have it all' if we are intentional, focused & spiritually grounded.  At times, that means we need a little help to get past what is holding us back.  Women are so down-played and minimized often in our cultures we can find ourselves believing what society says about us or what a family member has said for years about you, even the unbelief of a friend who tells you could never start a business. 


Let's Break the Cycle - Let's Break the Glass Ceiling

        Let's Create Something Truly Magical

        Let's Become...




Are You Ready to Tear Down those Walls?

Are You Ready to Move Forward in Pursuit of Your Dreams?

Perhaps You Have You Been Taking Care of Everyone Else and Now It Is Your TIME to Make a Move to Fulfill Your Dreams...

TODAY IS THE DAY...Do Not Wait Any Longer... You KNOW You Are Looking for Help, A Coach, A Counselor, A Friend to Guide You Into All You Know You Were Created to BE - The Real You is Ready to for You to Release Her!

So...  Let's Get Started!

Do Not Put It Off Any Longer - Say YES for You...

Say YES to Achieving Your Goals & Dreams!

Let's get going to help You START YOUR BUSINESS!


     Including Scaling by Outsourcing or Building Your Team


Helping You Achieve:


- Courage - 

- Confidence -

- Conviction - 


Simply Click the Button Above...


Are You Ready to Take the Next Step to Have the Life You Dream Of Today?

Are You Ready to Have a Balanced Life - Regardless if  You are a Stay at Home Mom - Wife - or Business Woman or Business Owner?

It will not always be easy - You will have to do some work - but what worthwhile thing in life has been easy?

So Let's Get Started!

I'm Ready to Help You Move Forward Into a Balance

- Fearless -

A Life full of... Courage - Confidence - Conviction!