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Updated: Feb 19, 2019


Starting a New Business can be so exciting, filled with hope and expectations. It can also come with many needs. The need for Money, the need to be able to do the many tasks or Work of the business and even emotional needs. You will probably discover new emotions that you have never experienced before when you start and run your business. Emotions in Business, especially for Women, can be a detriment or and advantage - it is up to YOU. Why not make an advantage in your business?

Emotions will run from high to low. High on those days you land new clients or jobs and you are on the mountain top! And, of course, the lows from loosing a bid or client or even a team member. There will be times when you will be fearful that you cannot 'do it' now that you are 'doing it'. There will also be days that you experience anger, frustration, hope and expectation. Yes, starting and running a business may have you experiencing all these things.

Owning and running a business can also have you excited, strengthened and believing in yourself more than ever before.

The momentary lows in our emotions should be, just that, momentary. As women it can, at times, be difficult because we were created emotional beings. These emotions also happen to 'show' more often than our male counterpart. This, however, does NOT have to be a weakness, as often been considered in the past.

As Women in Business, our emotions can be a great and positive advantage.

I am one those people who does not hide my emotions well. I wear it right on my face for all to see. Sometimes I wish I could hide it or 'bluff' it even but I was not blessed with that ability. So I have had to learn to use my emotions to my advantage in business, rather than let it drag me down.

How can you use your emotions to your advantage in business? Let's discuss some scenarios to help explain my belief.

Scenario #1:

I just received an email from that Prospective Client I have been communicating with for months, that they are ready to come on board as my client.

My Possible Reaction(s):

I would be elated and excited.

How can I use this to my advantage in business?

One way I can take this excitement and use it to help me and my business is to create a social media post 'Welcoming' my new client by name (with permission) and link them in the post.

[Note: If they prefer not to be named - I would still do the post & may say something similar to: 'I am so excited to welcome a new client - you know who you are - we appreciate your trust in us to serve (or help, etc...) you in an exceptional way.']

Why Would this Be Important to My Business?

Possible Outcome(s):

1. My hopeful outcome is that my followers/audience see that I am actively bringing on more new clients - this builds brand/name trust and recognition. I also hope that possible non-followers may want to begin to follow someone where action is happening.

2. This can sometimes build the trust in me and/or brand to the extent that others want to also jump on board now to be clients as well.

3. If my new client allows me to use their company and/or name then they also get additional views and interest into their company. Not to mention brand awareness.

Scenario #2:

You just lost a great long time Team Member who is moving on to grow their business.

My Possible Reaction(s):

You are sad, maybe even a little hurt, but understand.

How can I use this to my advantage in business?

I can use the emotion I feel and create a post on social media. This may possibly have a sad face, but also a happy one or happy tone for the team member. I would hope to create a great goodbye post about my team member and all the ways I loved working with them and would even boast about what they did with a glowing review of their work.

Possible Outcome(s):

1. My Brand is again building recognition and trust with our community.

2. My Team Member leaves on a great note and feels good about the departure.

3. Others recognize I am a Company (not just a solopreneur) and that I have a Team to support our clients. Some in my audience may not have realized this until now.

4. I would hopefully attract other prospective team members that like that I think of my team as family and treat them well even when they are leaving our company. If I needed to add a team member it would give me more candidates to consider and hopefully find another Super Star!

These are just a very few examples of how I have learned that it is 'ok' to be a woman with emotions in business and that I can even use it to my advantage if I decide to take the right actions when those feelings come along.

How about you? What are some scenarios you have been in that tested your use of emotions as a woman and what did you do?

Let's start a discussion about Women In Business Using Emotions to Our Advantage! Please comment below and let me know if this article hit home for you. If you enjoyed it all then take just a moment to click on those social media icons to share it with others you know (I would truly appreciate it).

Thank you for stopping in and reading my article, let me know if I can do anything to help your business!


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