Fearless - Really?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Reading the Name of my Company, Fearless Boss Babes, may lead you to believe that I am always Fearless. Or perhaps that I am always feeling like a 'Boss'. Yet, some days, I look at that name and think to myself, 'Fearless - Really?'

We all have weaknesses. Some are more visible than others. Many of us have MANY Weaknesses. Can you relate? So, how can you go from feeling insignificant, weak and lacking confidence to FEARLESS?

It is a process - one that is not always easy or quick. As I like to often say, 'it is a Journey, not a Sprint'. It is developing the three characteristics that I believe encompass a Fearless Boss Babe. That 'boss' can mean either in work or life or home, by the way.

Those three characteristics?

  • Courage

  • Confidence

  • Conviction

I know not easy, right? I will tell you a little secret as we begin this journey. I spent most of my life in Fear! Yes, you heard me say it - I spent most of my life living in Fear as I grew up. When you grow up in fear you tend lack a bit of confidence. Confidence is something I had to confront, especially when building a business. I still can struggle, at times, although most who meet me may not think that is true. Confidence is not built from flawlessness or perfection, but rather build from within in spite of those flaws and struggles.

Too often we are too hard on ourselves. We do not give ourselves a break, especially as women. We are so busy being wives, moms, sisters, daughters and friends. We tend to care about everyone else before ourselves. Let's just be sure our selflessness isn't because we are 'afraid' of what we would look like without it. It is very easy to fall into roles - especially predetermined, society influence roles.

No matter what your personal history, the role you find yourself in, or struggle you are trying to find your way out of today - it is possible and you can Overcome!

Yes, let me say that again - You can overcome it.

The first step is often making a choice. Deciding that you want to be an overcomer, not a victim, not a role, not the story your history is trying to define, but decide you want something to change! Many times that change we want to our circumstances are not about an outside thing changing, but more about our inner self changing that will impact that outside thing. You may have heard this before, but I love it... 'God is much more interested in developing our character than He is in removing our circumstances.' (paraphrase from Beth Moore) God desires to help us change, but until we realize that we often part of the problem we will never change.

I am sure we have all met people who complain and whine about horrible their life is either now or in the past. Honestly, it may even be true, but who has not been affected by circumstances in life. Our reactions to our circumstances will determine what happens next.

Ok, so I did not mean to lay it on so heavy already, but I believe you were brought to this article for reason. You are not here by accident. So now it is up to you decide why and what you will do about it.

This may even mean you need a little help in making that transition, but I want you to know it is possible!

So, I invite you to DREAM today. To Believe that something is possible. Perhaps that dream is getting married, or owning your own business or growing one that you already own. Maybe your dream is simply to no longer live in fear and false hope, maybe you want be Fearless in your life so that you face whatever comes your way. No matter your dream - it is possible - You are talking to the Believer of Dreams!!!

I cannot thank you enough for stepping into this process with me. I'm so excited to be on this journey with you. Please know I love to hear from readers so be sure to leave comments and share if this article inspired or made an impression in any way.

Be Loved...

....Be Courageous...

....Be Confident with Conviction...Today!

If I can help you in your journey to becoming Fearless or to Believing in that Dream again, please give me a call: 804-723-5491 or info@fearlessbossbabes.com .

Watch for our New Class Starting soon: 'Creating Your Freebie'!

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