How to Attract Clients & Increase Revenue

Are you ready to increase your revenue AND attract more clients?

We've all had those times when we have 'openings' for new clients. This is especially true when first starting out. I thought I would discuss a few tips to help with attracting clients (especially the ones you want) and how to increase revenue.


  1. Continue Learning & Upping Your Skills - I highly recommend increasing your skills when you want to increase your revenue. We need to keep skills sharp and learn new things, especially technology. One of the places I gain my learning from is called Freelance University. It is one of the things that has truly helped my other business, Tammy's Office Solutions, succeed. I have learned so much through this platform and recommend it to many soloprenuers.

  2. Build Relationships - It is important to continue to build relationships and connections continually, especially online. Using the methods discussed in the FreeU class: 'Cold Calling Success In a Digital Age' (it is not what it sounds like). In this course, Craig lays out the best practices for connecting and building relationships online. I highly recommend it.

  3. Freebie and Email List - I can tell you from personal experience that I waited much too long before doing this and wish I had done this much sooner. Please create a checklist, ebook, or something to attract your ideal client to sign up for your list. Email to your list on a consistent basis.

  4. Follow Up - I cannot stress the importance of Follow Up enough. Follow up with anyone who has reached out to you asking questions, whether through email, social media, messaging or phone call. I recommend that you follow up within the first week of contact (if you had an appointment with them - then within 3 days is wise) After this, depending on the response, follow up again in another week or two and one last time within a month of last contact. If you are not receiving any responses then simply add them to the regular email list. If you are having interaction and discussions, continue to respond until they are either client or they do not then send further correspondence, then email them a final note a week after their last response. All of these should be added to your list.

  5. Webinars and/or Online Conferences - Be a Presenter in online webinars with organizations or groups that have a lot of followers. This is a great way to build your list, leading to clients. Don't be afraid to reach out to an organization. I did this with one because I liked their online conference. The person in charge of setting up presenters for their webinars responded. Before I knew it I was offered an opportunity to do a Nationwide webinar for small businesses (and it continues to get replayed still). The alone gave me nearly 1,200 contacts! I still gain clients from the list that was added back in 2017 through the emails I send out to them on a regular basis. I was also given another opportunity this year to do another presentation for them and gain even more sign-ups.

  6. Take Risks - I have taken risks in business that I never thought I would. I'm usually a 'play it safe' type person, so it has surprised me when I take these risks like the one mentioned above. Maybe I feel that I don't have anything to lose and I'm doing it via email often so not face to face (haha). I've even emailed some of the companies who have appeared on Shark Tank in the past if I really resonated with them. I had one that nearly became a client but they were not quite ready. What business do you know or respect that you would love to work with possibly? I'm not saying corporations as they have employees, but try a smaller company, newer companies and others that you think could use your services. Just reach out directly, via email (not a bulk email). Start by telling them what you admire, respect, etc. about their company. Then introduce yourself and your brand, telling them what makes your company different and how you envision helping them.

  7. Ask for Referrals - Ask current clients for referrals and offer incentives if they refer a new client. This is often overlooked or forgotten.

  8. Upselling to Your Current Clients - I do not really like the term 'upselling' but it does best describe it. We often forget that one of the best ways to increase our revenue is to offer more services to our current clients. It is much less expensive to keep your current clients than the expense to gain new clients. The clients we are already assisting often need more help. As we take more off a client's plate, hopefully, they are also growing and, in turn, can afford to pay for additional services. Some of your clients may not even realize the extent of the services you offer. Be sure to have regular meetings and offer suggestions as well as be available to help.

  9. Teach Online Courses - This is a great way to increase your revenue. Offer an online course in your specific niche area. Make yourself the expert in the communities you belong to and stand out. Put posts out about it and I would even recommend spending a little in advertising on your favorite social media platform.

A Couple of Questions:

What are some Unique ways you have gained clients?

Which one of these tips do you think you will try in the coming week?

I hope these tips were helpful to you. Please leave me a note or ask questions. What topics would you like to discuss in the future?

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